Creative Technologist

Tinkering with the web since 1999.
Working at Apple, Cupertino.

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I'm Israel Pastrana

A digital creative technologist
with a researcher's soul.

My name is Israel Pastrana, I’m a Creative Technologist at Apple, Cupertino.

I've been tinkering with interactive development during the last 14 years, and still every single day I think that there is something new to be created in the web, physical installations and digital art. After all, we are creating an evolving language: a new storytelling with one or many active characters, in real time and interactive.

I love being involved in this evolution, building immersive interactive experiences, experimenting with the latest open-web proposals and doing graphics programming and games.

Lately I'm very passionate in the exploration of the integration of film and the web, building tools for making easier creating visualizations and improving the web deployment process, while keeping a constant eye on anything GLSL related.